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Gina Winkler

Mutually Human
Director of Product

After graduating from the University of Michigan School of Business, Gina entered the industry at its roots and joined the team at CompuServe. It was there she had the rare opportunity to gain digital product and management skills from some of the industry’s best. CompuServe was staying out ahead of the market by integrating a new-fangled thing called “the internet” and Gina was hooked. Growing with the web over several years, she led product teams for companies such as CompuServe, America Online and Netscape, managing large scale web products used by millions.

Gina's passion lies in helping others solve problems both big and small, and, prior to taking time off for family, she jumped at the opportunity to solve a few more. She became employee #5 as Vice President of Product for ShareThis (formerly Nextumi), a start up with an idea for capturing the way users interacted with online content, and each other, and is still one of the top share buttons on the web today.

Gina’s experience defining products to meet both market need and fulfill business goals is an asset for helping clients achieve their vision. She encourages engineers and designers to think imaginatively and create work that uses everything technology has to offer. Joining Mutually Human allows her to continue making the world a better place by filling it with delightful products that people love to use.

But most of all, Gina is proud to be a mother of three with her husband, Brian, a fellow graduate of the University of Michigan and the only person who knew, until now, that she accepted the CompuServe job because it meant she'd never have to wear a suit.